We have a national prize draw winner

Congratulations to the winner of the £100 Etsy voucher!

19 March 2021

We are very proud to announce that Mr K supporting RSPCA Worcester & mid-Worcestershire Branch recently won the National Prize of a £100 Etsy voucher and that his cause also received £100!

We are so pleased to hear that one of our Lottery supporters has won the £100 Etsy voucher, and equally pleased to receive £100 for our cause.

We are always looking for new ways to raise funds and when the opportunity arose to join the Worcester Community Lottery, we did not hesitate. It has provided us with a useful income and a chance to raise our profile within the local community.

The money raised goes directly towards caring for our animals at The Holdings in Kempsey, which usually involves a great deal of veterinary treatment.

Like so many other charities, we have found the past year to be a very challenging time with general fundraising having been seriously curtailed, and little hope of any meaningful improvement until later this year. We are therefore grateful to be part of the Worcester Community Lottery and particularly grateful to our Lottery supporters.

Congratulations to the winner of the Etsy voucher.

 - Carole, RSPCA Worcester & mid-Worcestershire Branch

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Our causes are on track to raise £28,860.00 this year

19.68% Complete

925 tickets of our 4,700 ticket goal

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Our causes are on track to raise £28,860.00 this year

19.68% Complete

925 tickets of our 4,700 ticket goal